The Essence of Coffee Italian Roast - Dark
The Essence of Coffee Italian Roast - Dark - Yoga Essence Clothing

The Essence of Coffee Italian Roast - Dark

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Our delicious Italian Roast is an extra dark, oily roast made from Central American coffees for deep, heavy coffee flavor. Origin characteristics are diminished and acidity is non-existent.

Italian (alt. Dark French, Neapolitan, Spanish, Heavy) is the name applied to a degree of roast of coffee beans resulting in a very dark brown bean. In this roast, the beans pass second crack. Italian roasted beans have a dark color and a shiny surface from its oils.

Italian Roast is much darker and oilier than a French Roast and often preferred in Italy. If a coffee is described as being a French or Italian roast, it isn't because they were grown or roasted in these countries, just that the roaster utilized this generalized roast level for that blend of beans